Past Episodes

  • Cy aka Box Boy

    On this weeks episode of the Chewsday Special Podcast I sit down with the one and only Cyrus. Cy is an 8 years old with a birthday coming up soon […]

  • I’M BACK

    After a breif “maternity leave” it feels good to be back with a new episode of the Chewsday Special podcast. Thank you for your patience as I have been trying […]

  • Baby G Has Arrived!

    This episode is a little shorter than others but I wanted to update everyone on the arrival of my son and how the experience changed me forever. I recount the […]

  • Nick Clemency

    Nick Clemency is a musician, comedian, street magician, and so much more. One third of the KanePunch Comedy crew Nick and Patrick share stories of the early days, how they […]

  • Be Creative

    On this weeks episode of the Chewsday Special podcast I talk about something that has been bothering me for a while now and share some motivation for you to step […]

  • Dutch

    Dutch is known as a cameraman, podcaster, Journey’s expert, and collector of Funko Pops and brings a very unique viewpoint to life. Listen as Patrick sits down for a fun […]

  • Jeff Higgins

    Jeff Higgins is usually a quiet dude but for some reason when we sat down for this episode of the podcast he had a lot to talk about. Listen as […]

  • Riding Solo, Alpha Brain, NIKE

    The first episode of the Chewsday Special podcast where I am riding solo. Join me for a one-on-one conversation as I discuss my motivation for creating the podcast, re-introducing myself […]

  • Joel Reyes

    Joel Reyes is one of my best friends in life and 1/3 of the KanePunch Comedy trio. Joel has seen and done some amazing things and is open to discussing […]

  • Brad Wilson

    Brad Wilson is a fan of professional wrestling, comedy, and music. Our friendship begain through professional wrestling but as I’ve gotten to know Brad better he is a very interesting […]