Jeff Higgins

Jeff Higgins is usually a quiet dude but for some reason when we sat down for this episode of the podcast he had a lot to talk about. Listen as we get into how 9/11 caused him to join the military, his growing knowledge of craft beer, and his love for the Carolina Panthers. This episode is full of past stories and Jeff’s unique experiences in life.

Riding Solo, Alpha Brain, NIKE

The first episode of the Chewsday Special podcast where I am riding solo. Join me for a one-on-one conversation as I discuss my motivation for creating the podcast, re-introducing myself to Onnit Alpha Brain, having a kid on the way, and my thoughts on the controversial Nike ad. Hope you enjoy and we will continue with our guest episodes next week. Thank you for listening.

Joel Reyes

Joel Reyes is one of my best friends in life and 1/3 of the KanePunch Comedy trio. Joel has seen and done some amazing things and is open to discussing all of them. I’ve been on multiple podcast with Joel but this might be the first time just the two of us sat down in front of the mics and had a talk. Listen as we discuss life, balancing work and home lives, comedy, our friendship, and the state of the World. A very fun episode with just a glimpse into the magic that is Joel.  Hope you enjoy and please go like and follow Joel Reyes Comedy on Facebook page to support him.

Brad Wilson

Brad Wilson is a fan of professional wrestling, comedy, and music. Our friendship begain through professional wrestling but as I’ve gotten to know Brad better he is a very interesting guy with a unique viewpoint on a lot of things. If you like two friends learning more about each other and talking about how their roads have brought them to where they are then this is the podcast for you. A fun episode with funny stories, slap nuts, and kane punches. Hope you enjoy and go check out Brad’s facebook group by searching #WeekendsAreForWrestling.

Brian Kanabroski

Brian Kanabroski is the owner of Premiere Wrestling Xperience, one of the most notable independent wrestling companies in the Carolinas. Patrick and Brian discuss how he became a fan of pro wrestling, the events that led to him becoming the sole owner of PWX, and how his business practices have helped build PWX into the powerhouse that it is today. For more information on PWX visit

S1 Premiere: Evan Pittfield

Evan Pittfield is a musician, stand-up comedian, sketch comedy writer, working class man, and much more. Sit down with Patrick and Evan for a fun conversation as they discuss craft beer, music, comedy, and more. Follow Evan on social media for all of his upcoming appearances and shows. Also thank you to our sponser for this episode Cabarrus Brewing Company. Episode one is in the books let the journey begin!

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