Jake Manning

On this episode of the podcast I sit down with Jake Manning as we talk about our history in wrestling, his transition into comedy, and so much more. It is a real insight into the mind of one of the smartest people (in my opinion) in professional wrestling and someone who has a drive like I have never seen before. A really fun and enjoyable talk. Hope you enjoy!

Marc Anderson: Mental Health Awareness

On this episode of the Chewsday Special Podcast I welcome my friend Marc Anderson on as my first guest in the Mental Health Awareness series. After I reached out to my social media followers in search of a few individuals who would like to talk about their mental health experiences Marc was the first to volunteer. We discuss growing up with depression and when he realized he had it, his experiences leading up to where he almost took his life, and how he came out of that dark moment and works everyday to live life to the fullest. It’s a great episode and one I am proud to start this series off with. Thank you for your support and your willingness to bring awareness to Mental Health.

We partnered with 1820 Apparel on this series and they have released a Mental Health Awareness shirt that donates proceeds to continued efforts to raise awareness and help those in need. You can pick up a shirt and support by Clicking Here.

Kevin Jordan

This episode of the Chewsday Special Podcast is special to me because of the message that I hope everyone takes from the conversation. My guest is Kevin Jordan an entrepreneur, photo ninja, production specialist, and so much more. In this episode you’ll hear Kevin’s perspective on production, music, wrestling, and also a healthy dose of positivity for the soul. This is a beautiful conversation between two friends who believe in each other and share the same positive mindset. Enjoy!

Jason Cade

On this episode of the Chewsday Special Podcast I sit down with Jason Cade. It is an interesting dynamic due to the nature of Cade and my dislike of each other. We talk about how he got into the wrestling business, how he got kidnapped, working with motion capture, and much more. It is a fun episode and turned out to be a great convo. Enjoy!

Tyshion Williams

On this episode of the Chewsday Special podcast I have an awesome conversation with Tyshion Williams, the man who gave me my initial job at PWX and taught me a lot of what I know about booking and organizing shows. We take a ride down memory lane and revisit the early days of PWX as well as share some fun stories from our past friendship. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did recording it. Cheers!

Bob Keller

On this episode of the podcast I sit down with wrestler, promotor, manager, DJ, entrepreneur, all of the above Bob Keller. Bob talks about growing up in West Virginia, how he got into the entertainment business and shares some awesome insight and stories for business, wrestling, and life. A fun episode with a one of a kind human being. Enjoy!


Corey Hollis

This week on the podcast I have a conversation with professional wrestling journeyman and one of my best friends Corey Hollis. We chat about Netflix, why he doesn’t watch GOT, and what needs to change for the professional wrestlers of today to be successful and the business to continue it’s upswing. Fun episode with great information for everyone involved in pro wrestling. Enjoy!

Wrestlecon New York

This episode of the Chewsday Special Podcast chronicles the events of Wrestlecon 2019 from New York City. I have been very fortunate to be a part of the Wrestlecon team the past 6-7 years and this year presented me with the first opportunity to visit the Big Apple. Listen to behind the scene stories about the huge wrestling shows from the convention as well as some fun adventures you can only find in New York City. Cheers!

Kevin Pierce

On this episode of the podcast I sit down with referee extraordinaire Kevin Pierce for a fun talk about wrestling, passion, hard work, and how growing up with a disabled brother shaped him. This is a very fun talk with a good friend and a look into how Kevin Pierce became one of the top officials in the Southeast. Enjoy!

Season 2 Premiere: Zane Riley

On the season two premiere I sit down with a fellow wrestler, booker, comedian, and podcaster Zane Riley as we chat about everything from CBD, mushroom trips, and wrestling to what makes a successful podcast. This is a very fun conversation and a great way to start off the new season. Also check out Zane’s official podcast at Extra Talented: A Wrestling Podcast.

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