Chewsday Special

  • Tyshion Williams

    On this episode of the Chewsday Special podcast I have an awesome conversation with Tyshion Williams, the man who gave me my initial job at PWX and taught me a […]

  • Bob Keller

    On this episode of the podcast I sit down with wrestler, promotor, manager, DJ, entrepreneur, all of the above Bob Keller. Bob talks about growing up in West Virginia, how […]

  • Corey Hollis

    This week on the podcast I have a conversation with professional wrestling journeyman and one of my best friends Corey Hollis. We chat about Netflix, why he doesn’t watch GOT, […]

  • Wrestlecon New York

    This episode of the Chewsday Special Podcast chronicles the events of Wrestlecon 2019 from New York City. I have been very fortunate to be a part of the Wrestlecon team […]

  • Kevin Pierce

    On this episode of the podcast I sit down with referee extraordinaire Kevin Pierce for a fun talk about wrestling, passion, hard work, and how growing up with a disabled […]

  • Season 2 Premiere: Zane Riley

    On the season two premiere I sit down with a fellow wrestler, booker, comedian, and podcaster Zane Riley as we chat about everything from CBD, mushroom trips, and wrestling to […]

  • Cliff Riggins

    On this weeks episode I welcome lighting and rigging expert Cliff Riggins. We have a fun conversation that gives a behind the scene look at what goes into setting the […]

  • Jamie Senegal

    On this week’s episode I sit down with professional wrestler Jamie Senegal. We chat about how Jamie got into wrestling, gender fluidity, depression, and how much of an inspiration Jamie […]

  • Zach Fandl

    On this week’s podcast I sit down with bartender/Psych major/Beautiful hair extroidnare Zach Fandl. To those that don’t have the priveledge of visiting Cabarrus Brewing Company then that name might […]

  • Corky Franks

    On this week’s podcast I welcome the one and only Corky Franks! Corky has voiced some of the biggest wrestling matches in the mid-atlantic area, Wrestlecon, and now Monster Jam […]