Chewsday Special

  • Eric Foster

    This week on the podcast I sit down with fellow video production guru Eric Foster as we chat about how he got into wrestling and video work, what it meant to work with New Japan Pro Wreslting, and so much more with a plethora of funny stories and very interesting facts about his career. Enjoy the conversation and memories that we share. Cheers!

  • Bob Keller

    On this episode of the podcast I sit down with wrestler, promotor, manager, DJ, entrepreneur, all of the above Bob Keller. Bob talks about growing up in West Virginia, how […]

  • Corey Hollis

    This week on the podcast I have a conversation with professional wrestling journeyman and one of my best friends Corey Hollis. We chat about Netflix, why he doesn’t watch GOT, […]

  • Wrestlecon New York

    This episode of the Chewsday Special Podcast chronicles the events of Wrestlecon 2019 from New York City. I have been very fortunate to be a part of the Wrestlecon team […]

  • Kevin Pierce

    On this episode of the podcast I sit down with referee extraordinaire Kevin Pierce for a fun talk about wrestling, passion, hard work, and how growing up with a disabled […]

  • Season 2 Premiere: Zane Riley

    On the season two premiere I sit down with a fellow wrestler, booker, comedian, and podcaster Zane Riley as we chat about everything from CBD, mushroom trips, and wrestling to […]

  • Cliff Riggins

    On this weeks episode I welcome lighting and rigging expert Cliff Riggins. We have a fun conversation that gives a behind the scene look at what goes into setting the […]

  • Jamie Senegal

    On this week’s episode I sit down with professional wrestler Jamie Senegal. We chat about how Jamie got into wrestling, gender fluidity, depression, and how much of an inspiration Jamie […]

  • Zach Fandl

    On this week’s podcast I sit down with bartender/Psych major/Beautiful hair extroidnare Zach Fandl. To those that don’t have the priveledge of visiting Cabarrus Brewing Company then that name might […]

  • Corky Franks

    On this week’s podcast I welcome the one and only Corky Franks! Corky has voiced some of the biggest wrestling matches in the mid-atlantic area, Wrestlecon, and now Monster Jam […]