John Skyler

On this weeks episode of the podcast we welcome the “Southern Savior” John Skyler. We have a fun conversation about the evolution of pro wrestling, joys of picking with Kevin Kelly, conspiracy theories, and much more. A very fun episode that shares useful information about the wrestling business and also how crazy some of these conspiracy theories are. Enjoy!

Kevin Kelly

On this episode of the Chewsday Special Podcast Patrick welcomes New Japan Pro Wrestling commentator Kevin Kelly. They discuss how he got his opportunity at WWF/E, his responsibility and thoughts on Ring of Honor and how the Sinclair Broadcasting deal went down, and his experiences and joy of working with NJPW, Rev Pro, and PWX. Hope you enjoy!!

Lindsay Snow

On this episode of Chewsday Special I sit down with the American Kaiju Lindsay Snow and discuss our love of dogs, Jiu Jitsu, being a tattoo artist, and so much more. Lindsay shares her incredible story of finding a passion and drive that has made her one of the fastest rising stars in professional wrestling. Hope you enjoy!

Ethan Case

On the season premiere of Season 3 of the Chewsday Special Podcast we welcome guest Ethan Case. Ethan is a professional wrestler, trainer, coach, and father. We discuss fun stories from the road including backstage at WWE events, PWX memories, and a few jabs at one another. Listen as Ethan shares his passion for coaching and training at the Palmetto Wrestling Academy, his family, and what it means to be Sterling Strong!

Palmetto Wrestling Academy

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J.D. Drake

On the season 2 finale episode I sit down and have an awesome conversation with one of my good friends and Evolve wrestling star J.D. Drake. We chat about his tryout at PWX, his career in professional wrestling thus far, and his debut on the WWE Network. Drake’s care free attitude and willingness to say anything that comes to his head makes this episode a must listen and is the perfect way to cap off season 2! Enjoy!

The Tommy Thomas

In this weeks episode I sit down with pro wrestling manager The Tommy Thomas to talk about pro wrestling, his career in the business, and revisit some fun times and adventures we’ve had in our journey in professional wrestling. Get a small peek into the mind of a madman and one of the best managers on the Indys today. Enjoy!

Chicken aka Roscoe Rooster

On this episode of the podcast I have a fun and entertaining conversation with the one and only Chicken aka Roscoe Rooster. We chat about what it’s like to be a mascot, how he got the gig, wrestling and production stories with a few fun and unexpected twists at the end to bring it on home. Chicken is just a good ole country boy living the dream and you can tell by his energetic spirit and positive outlook on life. Hope you enjoy it. Cheers!

The Journey

On this episode of the Chewsday Special podcast follow Patrick through his journey from aspiring dreams to being able to be a part of and do things he never could’ve imagined. This isn’t to boast or brag, it is to remind everyone that listens to the show that anything is possible and success and living out a dream comes from hard work and drive. Hope you enjoy!

Special Episode: PWX Legend

On this special Episode of the podcast I sit down with PWX owner Brian Kanabroski for a very real conversation about the upcoming Legend show this Sunday at the historic Grady Cole Center in Charlotte, NC. We talk about how getting Jushin Thunder Liger, Roppongi 3k, and Rocky Romero came to be, the risk involved in promoting the biggest show in the history of the company, and how much this historic event means to him. This is a very deep conversation that lets you into the mind of the individuals that are responsible for a show of this magnitude and what thoughts are harnessed going into the weekend. Hope you enjoy! Cheers!

Ed Zohn

On this weeks episode I sit down with Ed Zohn to chat about his history in the professional wrestling business, what the early days of ECW with Heyman, Todd Gordon, and others was like, and how he thinks the business has changed over the years. A very fun and educational conversation for anyone who is/wants/has been a promoter or wrestler. Hope you enjoy! Cheers!

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